A Jonathan Gold Repository: Where to Dig For More Nuggets.

City of Gold. Laura Gabbert’s 2015 documentary  about Jonathan Gold: This is accessible on several platforms. It is much more enjoyable than any of the chef puff pieces you see on Netflix since Jonathan Gold’s story is so much more encompassing and interesting than someone making food and running a restaurant.

The LA Weekly reviews mostly between 2009 and early 2012: Type “Jonathan Gold” into the search box when you open the hash marks on the LA Weekly home page.

The LA Times reviews: For these you have to subscribe to Newspapers.com for $7.00 a month. However, during your one-month free trial, you can read and make screenshots of every Jonathan Gold review ever published. Some recent ones are still on-line.

As the Smithsonian Magazine food historian, Gold wrote a few very nice articles that you can find by searching under “Jonathan Gold Smithsonian”

.Unless you plan to write Jonathan Gold’s biography or a post-graduate thesis about him, you won’t need to read his Gourmet Magazine work. However, if you do, the New York PublicLibrary has a complete run of the magazine off-site or you can follow in my footsteps and use the culinary book-stuffed Conrad N. Hilton library at the manicured campus of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park NY and take screen shots from their bound copies. Their Italian restaurant is fine.

Use one of your free New Yorker articles, if you are not a subscriber, for Dana Goodyear’s engaging anecdotal article “The Scavenger.” It’s another example of why gluttony is a key ingredient of some of the best food writing.


If you simply search under “Jonathan Gold”, you will find a very large number of links to tributes, remembrances, etc. All of them single Gold out for his preoccupation with, for lack of a better term, restaurants on the margin. 





Robert Brown

Advocate for the restaurant patron.

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